About Us

The mutual love for endurance sport is what brought the four founders of LEAP together. Though we all played some form of sport as kids, it all started out for us with running in our respective backyards. As the movement picked up across the country, we finally had the chance to meet and join a tribe that was motivated by all things that tested endurance.

While tackling full-time jobs, we stepped out every now and then on the weekend to join races across India. Soon, a few of us landed the opportunity to run around the world. Lining up alongside more experienced runners, it was clear that we had a lot of things to catch up on when it came to endurance sports. It started a journey of learning that has led us here today.

Besides the thrill of competition, the idea was to realize the limits of our bodies and how best we could expend our resources to efficiently attain our goals. As we delved deeper, it was evident that a successful run had a lot to do with understanding the science of fuelling our bodies, both during races and while training. If we could crack this code, it could be easily extended to other sports that involved some element of endurance.

Our Vision

What we were looking for was a LEAP to make the next grade and attain new heights, which would not only allow us to compete against the best in the world but also ourselves. And when we didn’t find any help around us, we decided to devise solutions of our own.

We wanted to create an indigenous product that would satisfy our running needs and which was also easy to source. Before we realised it, we had transformed from runners into guinea pigs of sorts, trying to arrive at the right combination to aid our efforts while treading the miles.

It took months of dedication until we were satisfied that LEAP was the answer, as well as the missing piece in our running story so far. There was only one thing to do here on – share it with other sportspersons to help them achieve their own goals, of course, through leaps and bounds.